Formed in 1986, AGRESSOR is one of the precursor bands of the French Death-Thrash Metal scene, and the very first to release an album of this style in France (the split LP Licensed To Thrash). A true pioneer.

Revered by addicts of the old school scene for its longevity, the band has always acquired the image of an innovative formation that knows how to evolve with each album and develop its personal universe. If Agressor is renowned for its original and particularly furious Thrash Death, it never denies the melody or the audacious structures, as well as a huge guitar work. During his 30-year career, he has been and remains an influence for many groups on the French extreme scene, as well as an absolute reference at European level.

We no longer count the land that the group cleared before its peers: record contracts with major foreign labels (Noise Records, Black Mark), recordings abroad, collaborations with prestigious artists, the cult Philippe Druillet who released two band’s artwork, the choirs of the Opéra de Lyon who participate in the album « Symposium Of Rebirth », the use of classical and medieval instruments on « Medieval Rites », and finally a plethora of guests who punctuate the latest albums of the band, including Mark “Barney” Greenway (Napalm Death), James Murphy (Obituary/Testament), Morten Nielsen (Mercyful Fate) and Kai Hahto (Rotten Sound/Nightwish).

Agressor has played with bands as diverse as Sinister, Wargasm, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Messiah, Samael, Pestilence, Biohazard, Sodom, Cradle Of Filth, Hanoi Rocks, Mayhem and many more.

The band keeps on composing and performing gigs, some are planned for early 2022.


Alex Colin-Tocquaine : Guitar, Vocals

Michel Dumas : Guitar

Joël Guigou : Bass

Cesar Vesvre : Drums



1988 : Licensed To Thrash (split w/Loudblast)

1990 : Neverending Destiny

1992 : Towards Beyond

1994 : Symposium Of Rebirth

1999 : Medieval Rites

2006 : Deathreat (+ live bonus DVD)


1993 : Satan’s Sodomy

2001 : The Spirit Of Evil 7″EP


2004 : The Merciless Onslaught (compilation)

2018 : Satan’s Sodomy Of Death (demos compilation)

2018 : Rebirth (« Symposium Of Rebirth » revamped, 2CDs)

2019 : Licensed To Thrash (reissue)

2020: The Order Of Chaos (« Medieval Rites », « The Spirit Of Evil », « Deathreat » 3CDs box)

2021: The Arrival (« Neverending Destiny », « Towards Beyond » 2Cds + Bonus)

Agressor on Season Of Mist


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