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Music & Lyrics: Colin-Tocquaine

I can feel something not human staring at me
The air move still, nature freeze, terrified

Evil overtakes me
Fangs are tearing my mouth
Great pain invades me
Sweating, foaming, i’m howling of pain

I´ve been injured by a fiendish creature
I am doomed to eternal torture

Through depth of years i’m roaming at night
Earth trembles under my steps
Fog falls down on the lanscape
As the full moon rise, nightmare comes by
Nightmare comes by

I´ve changed myself to a sickening creature
Devoured by human blood thirst

I am shaped to kill
I shred the flesh
I spread my plague
To increase my pack

Now night had ended
I return to my true self
Unaware to what has happened
Cycle will start anew day
Until death


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