Founded in 1986, AGRESSOR is know as the pioneer band of  French Thrash / Death Metal who influenced many others in France and elsewhere.

The same year the band recorded its first demo, "The Merciless Onslaught" which received a warm welcome in the underground metal scene and lauched directly the band internationally.
In 1987 came "Satan Sodomy", the second demo with the cover caused a sensation because it is heavily tinged with sex and Black Metal.
Agressor begins concerts in France and Switzerland including Messiah, Samael, Sodom and Living Death
With the Split LP "Licensed to Thrash", alongside Loudblast, AGRESSOR released  in 1988, the first French Thrash Metal Record.

First French band ever to be signed on an international label after recording the demo "Orbital Distortion" in 1989, Agressor, a few months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, recorded "Neverending Destiny" at the Skytrak studio, produced by the Bathory producer and released by Noise Records. This album is required at the time as relatively innovative given the content of certain texts (Sci-Fi oriented when fashion is the occult and gore), but by his artwork signed by the famous designer of the 70’s Philippe Druillet ("The Adventures of Lone Sloane," "The Night"). The album received a warm international welcome with its mix quite original (for that time) of brutal Thrash and Death "technical" (the kind did not exist yet), which lead them to the front of the Metal scene.

Two years later, when it was released in 1992, "Towards Beyond" is indeed a huge stir. Recorded in Sweden at Montezuma Studio produced by The Boss himself (Bathory) and released on Black Mark Prod., Medieval music and blend it quite technical Death, Thrash riffs and ultra-heavy passages with a cavernous sound, the album 's immediately imposes as one of the best Death  Metal surprises of a vintage year 1992, however strong, but also as the best album released by a French band that year.

Agressor side of Split LP "Licensed to Thrash" was reissued in 1993 by Black Mark Prod. to MCD under the name "Satan Sodomy."
With Symposium of Rebirth "in 1994, continues to follow Agressor their style while remaining true to their roots while exploring new ground with the Choir of the Opéra de Lyon, which have been engaged for the recording and with the participation of Barney Greenway Napalm Death vocalist on a Terrorizer cover. The album alternates with medieval acoustic tracks of pure brutality Death, opera choruses on blast-beats, music taken from the movie "Conan the Barbarian" and a hallucinating technical skill at the time.

The band connects tours and concerts with bands such as Sinister, Wargasm, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Pestilence and Biohazard,
After their UK tour with Cradle Of Filth in June 96, Alex began working for Black Mark Prod and became guitarist for Ibanez.

Because of all these activities, Agressor come back in 2000 with "Medieval Rites", recorded with the participation of many different musicians: a flutist, a violinist, a trombonist, an opera singer, plus other personalities the metal scene: Krell and Christina (Bloodthorn), Morten Nielsen (former drummer of Mercyful Fate), Kai Hahto (Rotten Sound, Enochian Crescent).

Will follow a tour with Bloodthorn, ... and Oceans and the MCD "The Spirit of Evil" also contains a range rom with two videos recorded in Marseille in 2000 during a concert Mayhem and featuring James Murphy of  Testament / Death / Obituary ...
In January 2002, the band organized a birthday gig at the Midem of Cannes with a video released in 2006 on a DVD with the album "Deathreat" out on Season of Mist. It aims to offer the most brutal and faster than the band ever recorded reconnecting with its roots in extreme after more than 20 year career.

The line-up consists of:

Alex COLIN-TOCQUAINE: Guitar / Vocals

Joel GUIGOU: Bass

Kevin PARADIS: Drums

Michel DUMAS: Guitar

Alex, the leader, played in bands such as Loudblast, Anorexia Nervosa, Bloodthorn E-Force (ex-Voivod), is particularly sponsored by Ibanez, and is involved in the famous Music Academy Int. of Nancy.

With their merger Death-Thrash Metal tinged Black Metal AGRESSOR has a reputation for innovative and original band.


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